Saturday, 30 November 2013

Friday, 29 November 2013


Bordeaux '92

Card of the Week: Akeem Olajuwon

This week's Card of the Week was inspired by:

1. a recent reminder of how much we love the Skybox 1990-91 series;
2. our love for Camp Lo's Lucini; and
3. the shaming of Karl Malone in this mix.

Seriously though, we've taken far too long to pay tribute to The Dream.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Who Self-Fouled Better? Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant

Mike had Game 1 of the '92 Finals.

Kobe had Game 7 of the '00 WCF and this incredible regular season performance.

You could suggest that the Blazers probably would have at least one ring in the past 25 years if it wasn't for the efforts of these two characters

In today's "Who Did Stuff Better?" we compare Mike and Kobe showing out at the Rose Garden.

Let us know if you have a preference.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jersey of the Week: Antonio Davis

The first edition of Jersey of the Week comes courtesy of an eBay seller with quite the enviable collection of rarities.

Whilst there were a number of excellent candidates, this gem simply ticked all the requisite boxes for a worthy inaugural Jersey of the Week.

1. Is approximately two decades old: CHECK
2. Is advertised as Antonio Daniels: CHECK
3. Is actually Dale Davis' fake brother: CHECK
4. Was also worn by "SEND IT IN!" Jerome: CHECK

And if you needed any further convincing, this is the statement from the seller directly below the jersey:

Up for purchase is an Antonio Daniels Indiana pavers jersey sz 48 great condition  
For those a.) still reading and b.) wondering why the Antonio Daniels reference is of any importance to us, please see below:

Happy bidding Buy It Now-ing.


LeBron: Happening Right Before Your Very Eyes

Often we focus on what may be or what has been and forget about what's going on in front of us. Right now, LeBron is playing as well as anyone in the history of the game and this regular spot is dedicated to capturing it. Real time tributes for real time accomplishments - a unique perspective.

2013-14 Averages
26.0ppg 5.7rpg 6.6apg .609FG .488 3PFG .804FT

The 2-time defending champs are currently 11-3 and marching towards another Conference Finals matchup with the 13-1 Pacers. LeBron, even for LeBron, is out of his mind. He's set new benchmarks for himself in November, as evidenced by the Suns, who he torched for 35 on just 14 shots.

The list of players who have averaged 25 per game and shot better than 60% from the field for an entire season currently features Kevin McHale and... yeah, just Kevin (back in 86-87). Should LeBron sustain his incredibly efficient start, he'd join McHale, a feat made more remarkable given that he is currently attempting around three 3's a night. (Kevin, for those not well versed in his game, plied his trade exclusively in the paint). Perimeter players simply shouldn't touch the sort of numbers LeBron is putting up right now.

It's early days, of course, but LeBron's first month deserves celebrating as one of the best of all time.

Who Dunked It Better? Oladipo vs Wall

Victor brought his rotation to the big stage during the first week of the season.
John Wall decided to bust out the 360 last night because he's John Wall.
Who went Spinaroonie better? The answer is always Vince, but please enjoy below:

 Wild Card! Rodney Rogers was straight nasty.

Thank You Got Em Coach

Thank you to Got Em Coach for featuring our Steve Smith GIF on his unrivaled blog.

Please enjoy this GIF of Kobe appreciating stuff as a token of our appreciation.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grant Hill Dunked It Better

Around this time last year, the Clippers took their show on the road for an early season encounter against the Nets.

In what would be his final season, Grant Hill was on the Clipper bench, surrounded by high flying young bloods and a pizza chef for a coach. On this night he was sporting a grown man's suit aka his DNP - Old and Broken uniform.

Though the Clippers were particuarly impressive pre-game, the Nets would come away with the W in a low scoring affair. Truth be told, the only thing anyone will ever remember is this play.

At the conclusion of the game, as Hill proceeded up the ramp towards the locker room, a man leaned over the railing and shouted "Grant Hill! You are still the man!".

Hill turned, smiled in the general direction of the yelling and then continued walking.

At Baseline Leaner, we won't be forgetting greatness in a hurry.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Keep ya head up, D. Rose

Card of the Week: Dee Brown Upper Deck 1991-92

Dee Brown
Slam Dunk Champion
February 9, 1991
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina

 Click through for higher resolution

First of all we'd like to thank our connect, the good people at The Hot Corner, Brooklyn, NY.

Secondly, we'd like to add that Brown's iconic no-look final dunk remains the greatest single image ever printed onto a t-shirt. The image below is a Lemar and Dauley shirt inspired by a Skybox graphic.

Friday, 22 November 2013

NBA's Greatest Motivators: Negotiating Leverage

The NBA's greatest motivator is not a coach. It's not even Pat Riley, who may or may not be the real life Tony D'Amato, depending on whether or not you trust Antoine Walker (we DEFINITELY don't, by the way). The NBA's greatest motivator is a contract year. Example: former dual-wield headbander Tim Thomas was so lazy the Bulls paid him $13 million to sit at home as they felt he'd offer just as much from his couch. No coach, teammate or team ever got through to Tim. What earned him the enormous contract the Bulls ate, and this passive aggressive piece of genius from Ray Allen, was the 5 games he slapped together right before he became a free agent. As far as the Leaner is concerned, anything that can make Tim Thomas try has Pat Riley covered.

With that in mind, here are 6 guys who are playing like they've realized they're on the open market at the end of the season, the NBA equivalent of Ed Reed screaming in your face.

Evan Turner 
Restricted Free Agent 

Career Averages: 10.7ppg 5.4rpg 3.1apg .431FG
2013-14 Averages: 21.3ppg 6.6rpg 3.8apg .465FG

Trevor Ariza 
Unrestricted Free Agent

Career Averages: 9.1ppg 4.5rpg 1.3spg .328 3PFG
2013-14 Averages: 14.8ppg 6.6rpg 2.1spg .400 3PFG

Isaiah Thomas
Restricted Free Agent 

Career Averages: 13.2ppg 4.1apg .371 3PFG
2013-14 Averages: 18.4ppg 4.4apg .436 3PFG

Eric Bledsoe
Restricted Free Agent 

Career Averages: 7.3ppg 3.2apg .437FG
2013-14 Averages: 20.4ppg 6.8apg .500FG

Jordan Hill
Unrestricted Free Agent

Career Averages: 5.8ppg 4.7rpg .505FG
2013-14 Averages: 10.4ppg 8.4rpg .622FG

Lance Stephenson
Unrestricted Free Agent

Career Averages: 6.8ppg 3.0rpg 2.4apg .316 3PFG
2013-14 Averages: 13.3ppg 5.5rpg 5.0apg .419 3PFG

GIF of the Week: The Double Dunk

This week's GIF of the Week will be presented in the form of a question.

The Double Dunk is:

a. Don Cheadle's Earl Manigault's signature move;

b. Gerald Green's justification for cutting nets off rims;

c. an Atari game we had never heard of; or

d. Steve Smith getting real on the Knicks. 

Just In Case You Forgot: LaPhonso Ellis ft. Dikembe Mutombo

We take you back to '94 for one of the coldest blocks in league history.

You won't see post-block posturing and gesturing of this quality again. Ever.

For the  record, this team would sneak into the playoffs and knock off the 63-win Sonics in the first round.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Who Dunked It Better? Ricky Davis vs Andre Drummond

Do we enjoy the the work of Cali point guards? Yes.

Is this just an excuse to feature Ricky Davis again? Yes. 

Who dunked it better? Yes. Your call.

Congratulations James Crawford

The Alabama Slamma was tonight also inducted into the NBL Hall of Fame. We have fond memories of him dunking absolutely everything.

T-shirts now available.

Click through for higher resolution.

Congratulations Mark Bradtke

Baseline Leaner congratulates Mark Bradtke on his induction into the NBL Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Livestrong (no PED's)

Shaun Livingston dunks on Jennifer Robin Lopez
19/11/13 Portland @ Brooklyn

As formative Leaners, we were more susceptible to the hype surrounding young players and one who sent the mind racing back in the early 00's was Shaun Livingston. His type - 6'8" point guards with vision and flair - don't come along often. Comparisons to Penny and even Magic followed him into the draft. The next Showtime pass throwing highlight machine was upon us, said the scouts, and we were determined to get on the bandwagon early.

Shaun skipped a career at Duke and was selected by the LA Clippers, a franchise potentially under punishment by the Gods at the time, and it wasn't long before his promising career (as part of a promising team we've all forgotten) was derailed by a sickening knee injury (Baseline Leaner refuses to link to footage.)

Shaun immediately became a "What If," as captured in this excellent Grantland piece. In his early 20's, with 10+ NBA seasons potentially ahead of him, he was written off. The knee damage was too extensive to fully recover from, said the scouts, and Shaun would struggle to make it back at all - let alone become a star.

He may not be Magic but Shaun is definitely back. The truth, as usual, can be found in the middle.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sydney Kings Rewind: Steve Carfino


Steve Carfino

Sydney Kings Rewind: McClain and McLary

Regarded as one of the greatest imports to play in Australia, former NCAA champion Dwayne McClain tore up the NBL in the early 90s. The D-Train was well supported by Ken McClary, who provided a strong and dependable inside presence.

Click through for higher resolution.

Dwayne McClain

Ken McClary

Sydney Kings Rewind: Trimmingham and Donaldson

In 1994, Leon Trimmingham and Mario Donaldson put on a two man show that more than compensated for the departure of Dwayne McClain.

Click through for higher resolution.

                                                                            Leon Trimmingham            Mario Donaldson           

Sydney Kings Rewind: Smith & Johnson

With high flyer Sam Young expected to wow Sydney fans on the regular, Baseline Leaner looks back at some of the dynamic imports to have played for the Sydney Kings.

James Smith

Kendrick Johnson

Who Dunked It Better? Sam Young vs Sam Young

Baseline Leaner welcomes Sam Young to the NBL. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Card of the Week: Johnny Kilroy 1993-94 Upper Deck SE #JK1

The legend of Johnny Kilroy can be traced to Nike's Air Jordan IX advertising campaign, hosted by Cowboy Gil.

Perpetuating the myth, Upper Deck ran with the Kilroy character in their 1993-4 SE collection, the subject of our Card of the Week. Click through for higher resolution.

The featured victim in this card is a young Alonzo Mourning, who, for the record, had a tough time against the high flying Bulls in his rookie year.

Back in the day, the Kilroy card had a going rate of around $15. While the card hasn't exactly increased in value over the years, a new pair of retro Kilroy IXs will set you back around $200 on the online marketplace.

 For us, well, we were always bigger fans of Motorboat Jones.