Thursday, 31 October 2013

Brett Brown: A pictorial retrospective

Michael Carter-Williams' Magic Johnson like debut is the big story out of Philly's shock win over the Heat yesterday and rightly so. It's not often a guy goes for 9 steals in his first game. In fact, it never happens.

Baseline Leaner, however, would like to pay tribute to the man at the controls. He of high principle, he who helped create legends and he who helped practicing legends become even more legendary (bottom left - there he is!). An illustrated toast to Brett Brown, currently on pace to go 82-0 in his first season. (All images courtesy of an old stack of One-on-Ones)

Boston Univeristy 1980-83... 

... under the tutelage of Hall of Famer Rick Pitino

Named North Melbourne Giants Head Coach, 1993

Recruits D-Mac, 1994 

NBL Championship, 1994

The Official Retirement of Allen Iverson

In the wake of Allen Iverson's official retirement, it is only fitting that Baseline Leaner shares this quote from a New York Daily News interview with Iverson during his days as a Hoya.

An incredible talent.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The TV Preview: Week 1

What's on TV and what to watch on your cut price League Pass from India

This week's Foxtel Games

Miami @ Philadelphia, 10AM, Thursday 31st October, ESPN

Former North Melbourne Giant, Sydney King, Aussie Boomer and San Antonio Spur Brett Brown welcomes the defending champs to the Wells Fargo Center for his NBA head coaching debut. By Coach Brown's own admission, there's not a D-Mac or Hammer around to help him this season, and only 6 guys on his team who actually deserve to be in the league. The phrase "Baptism of Fire" immediately springs to mind.

Meanwhile, LeBron James, the 100's of people who follow him around and the Miami Heat look to consolidate after an opening night win. This one will likely be over 4:01 into the 3rd, but don't turn off or you may miss Greg Oden garbage time angry dunks.

Miami @ Brooklyn, 11AM, Saturday 2nd October, ESPN

Plenty of stuff going on here:

- Brooklyn Nets 2013-14 home opener
- Kevin Garnett's home debut
- After 1,102 games as a Celtic (and 24,021 points - most in franchise history), Paul Pierce's first in front of a new home crowd
- Jason Terry's home debut and a chance this may happen again
- Andrei Kirilenko's home debut after the free agent defection that launched a conspiracy theory that's arguably pretty racist and inappropriate
- Jason Kidd's home head coaching debut, starring Lawrence Frank as Jason Kidd

The Nets have been talking title all off season whilst simultaneously laughing in the face of the luxury tax. The actual champs, who find paying a lot of money for players the wrong side of 30 less humorous, will not want to drop this one.

From where Baseline Leaner is sitting, this looks like game of the week.

San Antonio @ L.A. Lakers, 1:30PM, Saturday 2nd October, ESPN

(First and foremost, shoutouts to ESPN for showing both legs of the NBA Friday double header. Baseline Leaner looks forward to it happening again in another 3 years.)

It may feel like years ago, but the Spurs and Lakers actually met in last year's playoffs, with the Spurs' breaking out the brooms on the Kobe-less Lakers. Not much of note happened in that series, except Tim Duncan found Dwight Howard very amusing as he completed his season long meltdown.

The current Lakers roster, still minus Kobe and now minus Dwight, looks like a strange mix of D-Leaguers, former All-Stars and this guy. The Spurs machine is back for another run at the title, with Patty Mills returning as Director of Towel Waving, but long time servant Gary Neal - historically ahead of Mills in the food chain - absent (and recording an album?). Baseline Leaner would approve of more minutes and less towel waving this season.

League Pass Game(s) of the Week 

Way too much to choose from this week, with a full slate of games tomorrow (14!) and storylines galore. Baseline Leaner recommends you call in sick at least once this week - at least once.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

R.I.P. Flight Time GIF of The Week: It Begins

At the height of the "Agent Zero Era," Gilbert Arenas, minus invitation (and gorilla suit), comes off the bench to get his mascot dunk on during half time of the 2007 All Star Game. 

We all know how Gilbert's career ended in Washington and those legal issues, coupled with a surgically repaired knee that never came good, sent one of the NBA's great entertainers into early retirement. Despite owning numerous gamewinners and a franchise record 60 point night, as far as Baseline Leaner is concerned, Agent Zero will be best remembered for taking trampoline dunking away from greedy out of work gymnasts. 

GIF of the Week is dedicated to Flight Time. May it forever live on through these moving images.