Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Birthday Steve Smith

It is unlikely that we will offer anything remotely close to the infamous Double Dunk ever again, but to celebrate Steve Smith's birthday please enjoy this image of Smitty celebrating in style after posterizing Big Bad Gheorghe Muresan.

While we're here, Smitty gets Jersey of the Week as well. This is the best Dwyane Wade jersey money can buy. So we bought it.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

GIF of the Week: James "Hollywood" Robinson ft. Jayson Williams

Much enjoyment can be derived from observing opposition bench reactions to posters or crossovers, Exhibit A being this Clipper leaving the stadium after Vince's ridiculous windmill.

However, you rarely see a player in the game express their approval of an opponent's play at the expense of their teammate.

Enter Jayson Williams.

 James Robinson dunks on Kendall Gill
(January 15, 1998)

We don't know how Gill felt after this, but having your nearest teammate respond in this manner is far from supportive. Bruised egos and locker room questioning aside, this reaction from Williams way back in '98 is good for our GIF of the Week.

NB: This is the first time we have featured Hollywood Robinson, hopefully it isn't the last.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

NFL bans "crossbar dunking". Barry Sanders doesn't care.

Much to our disappointment, the NFL recently outlawed the over-the-crossbar dunk celebration. In response, we have elected not to outlaw GIFs of 5'8 Barry Sanders throwing down 360s in '93.

Barry Sanders, Foot Locker Slam Fest

Card of the Week: John Stockton

The Fleer Pro-Visions John Stockton card is timeless.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

On This Day: Stacey Augmon posterizes Billy Butts

The Plastic Man takes a nice feed from David Butler and finishes emphatically over Billy Butts of Ball State.

Stacey Augmon on Billy Butts
(March 23, 1990)

Who Dunked It Better? REMATCH: Doug West vs Tim Hardaway Jr.

Well, well, well, we appear to have our first ever Who Dunked It Better? rematch.

See West vs Hardaway Jr. Pt.1 here and let us know who rocked it better in the comments section below.

Doug West vs Utah Jazz
(March 8, 1994)
Tim Hardaway Jr. vs Philadelphia 76ers
(March 21, 2014)

GIF of the Week: The Essence of John Starks

Everything Knicks fans loved and hated about John Starks in a single GIF.

Friday, 21 March 2014

MLB @ SCG - Opening Series Special

Tonight, the Sydney Cricket Ground, aka Tugga's House, will host the first ever MLB game to be played on Australian soil.

To recognise this historic occasion, we dug up a pic of Da '93 Bulls engaging in a little pre-game baseball prior to a road game against the Hornets.

Jersey of the Week: Darius Miles McDonald's High School All-American

Nearly 14 years ago to the day, Darius Miles participated in the 2000 McDonald's All-American Game. He had heaps of dunks.

From our personal collection, we have for you an over-sized replica of his jersey from that game. Maybe this is something we should not be admitting.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Melbourne Tigers '89


The Vindication of Antonio Daniels

Coming in at around no. 5 on the "Great Injustices of the NBA" list, Antonio Daniels is best remembered for falling victim to a double ankle breaker by Allen Iverson, not for his impressive collection of poster dunks.

Without doubt, the most spectacular of these dunks is this two handed smash on Kirilenko accompanied by flailing dismount.

 Antonio Daniels on Andrei Kirilenko
(April 3, 2003)

In addition, Daniels deserves some recognition for returning the favour to AI in that same game he himself got dropped. See Ballislife for more.

NB: He didn't make the shot.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Charles Barkley wrestles Rick Mahorn (1990)

First we gave you Charles Barkley and Rick Mahorn vs Manute Bol

Now, for your viewing pleasure, Charles Barkley turning on his tag team partner Rick Mahorn during training.

It's approximately 17 times better than when Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman messed around in the WCW

It even comes close to rivalling the greatest match of all-time.

Full credit to Mike and Dave who captured this footage.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Card of the Week: Sergei Bazarevich

Big Serge' played a handful of games for Atlanta in a Danny Manning throwback. It's his birthday today, so if you see him, say hi.

NBA Inside Stuff with Grant Hill

The face of NBA Inside Stuff then, the face of NBA Inside Stuff now. Mr Grant Hill.

Who Dunked It Better? Taj Gibson vs Kenyon Martin

More putbacks, this time of the "one-hand gather, two-hand finish" variety.

Taj Gibson putback vs Sacramento Kings
(March 15, 2014)
Kenyon Martin putback vs Seattle Supersonics
(December 22, 2004)

While both are highly entertaining plays, we feel Martin's effort is superior based on elevation and ferocity.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Jersey of the Week: George Lynch #24

In his three seasons with the Lakers, George Lynch managed to wear Kobe's number (24) and Shaq's number (34).
If this feat needs to be at all acknowledged, it may as well be here. Believe it or not he also found time to wear No. 30 at some stage before being shipped off to the Grizzlies.

This jersey was listed on eBay, but recently sold. Be sure to check daily for future offerings...

NB: The 24 jersey would be next worn by Lloyd 'Sweet Pea' Daniels, who we will get to in due course.