Sunday, 30 March 2014

GIF of the Week: James "Hollywood" Robinson ft. Jayson Williams

Much enjoyment can be derived from observing opposition bench reactions to posters or crossovers, Exhibit A being this Clipper leaving the stadium after Vince's ridiculous windmill.

However, you rarely see a player in the game express their approval of an opponent's play at the expense of their teammate.

Enter Jayson Williams.

 James Robinson dunks on Kendall Gill
(January 15, 1998)

We don't know how Gill felt after this, but having your nearest teammate respond in this manner is far from supportive. Bruised egos and locker room questioning aside, this reaction from Williams way back in '98 is good for our GIF of the Week.

NB: This is the first time we have featured Hollywood Robinson, hopefully it isn't the last.

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