Monday, 26 May 2014

Landshark to Caron Butler: Get off the blower

Concerned that Caron Butler was getting away with inappropriate gestures in a Playoff environment, we called on our post season expert Landshark to weigh in. And weigh in he did.

Landshark on Butler:

"I am not down with Caron Butler ringing people during games.  Get off the phone mate.  Your hand isn’t a phone.  You are not Get Smart or James Bond.  You look ridiculous.  Where I come from, when people are on the phone anywhere near a game/training you owe the team a slab.  By my accounting, poor as it may be, he owes every NBA fan 3 slabs each.  And I notice now that they are losing, he doesn’t do it anymore.  Reeks of an ill-conceived “celebration” that is absolutely flawed.  Chop his hand off."

Landshark is one of the greatest players of his generation. The Robinson Rd Assassin carved a name for himself in the East as a one man wrecking crew. His thunderous dunk against the Titans in '03 resulted in the unscheduled renovation of the entire MLC stadium. Many still hold him personally responsible for the infamous Scandinavian Tip Dunk Crisis of 2009.

He's bigger than the game itself.

Shout outs to Don Adams.

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