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Jersey of the Week: The Jerry Stackhouse Fight Club Jersey

Mark Bradtke saving Harvey Grant
(November 22, 1996)

The 1996-97 season would be the last year that the 76ers wore the clean white-home, red-away jerseys that are synonymous with a young Allen Iverson tearing up the league.

AI's rookie year also marked the beginning of the end for Jerry Stackhat Stackhouse in Phili, as it became apparent that these two young stars weren't going to work out:

"...Stackhouse had openly stated on several occasions that the shoot-first mentality of Iverson had hindered his development. And though Brown would never say so publicly, he was convinced that Stackhouse or Iverson had to go."

Stackhat Stackhouse is our man, and he is a proud man.  During his playing days, it was that pride that meant he never took a backward step, from anyone.

Prior to being dealt to Detroit, the former No.3 pick managed to get into some significant scuffles whilst wearing these sharp little numbers:
Exhibit A: Harvey Grant ("can he be trusted?") above.

Exhibit B: Jeff Hornacek (article here)

For his "fightin' around the league" efforts as a young fella, we dedicate Jersey of the Week to Stackhat Stackhouse's road strip from '95 - '97.
Jerry Stackhouse Road Jersey
(1995 - 1997)

We had the privilege of watching Stack in Brooklyn during his final season in the league. We happened to be sitting next to a cranky old Nets fan who was very displeased when the final play of the half resulted in Stack being forced into a tough jumper. He had some things to say about Jerry that were unkind. We sat in silence and did nothing.
As it has weighed heavily on our collective consciences for the past two years, we would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mr Stackhouse for not punching this man.

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