Friday, 12 September 2014

Pick & Roll

With the final result a foregone conclusion, we take a look back at the most controversial aspect of the Australian Boomers' FIBA 2014 World Championship campaign: Nasal Gate.

Joe Ingles and Adam Gibson
(September 8, 2014)

During each and every rendition of our great anthem, Joe "Lucky Lefty" Ingles actively sought out the nostrils of close friend and former Dragons teammate Adam Gibson.

Gibson, a willingly accomplice, displayed exceptional poise throughout each invasion of his cavities.

Of course, this country's athletes have a proud history of larrikanism (didn't Dawn Fraser blow up the Olympic Village?), yet we can't help but think what would've happened if a similar stunt was perpetrated by say, a member of USA Basketball (Ack that no one in their right mind would touch Boogie Cousins).

Whether FIBA elects to investigate these "cheeky and fun" shenanigans remains to be seen, but rest assured if this curious practice surfaces in Rio 2016, we'll be there to immortalize it in GIF form.


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