Monday, 15 September 2014

Scottie Pippen and Pete Myers

The 1994 Eastern Conference Semi-Final series between the Bulls and the Knicks is best remembered for two things:

1. Scottie Pippen dunking on Patrick Ewing
2. Patrick Ewing leading the Knicks past the Bulls for the first time (despite some controversy)

NB: To a lesser extent, it is infamous for the Game 3 brawl right in front of then NBA Commissioner David Stern

Which (un)naturally leads us to Pete Myers.

The Pippen on Ewing incident was a classic "Austin %$*J@# beer truck!" moment where your brain effectively shuts down in response to an event that is beyond comprehension.

Hence you are forgiven for not noticing that Pete Myers, the Bulls starting shooting guard during the "Baseball Experiment", was the man responsible for the imperfectly perfect bounce pass to Scottie. 

Furthermore, it was Myers who was giving his former teammate an absolute earful while he lay compromised on that lonely baseline of the soon to be demolished Chicago Stadium.

Pete Myers telling Patrick Ewing about recent events
(May 20, 1994)

So in the very next game, Scottie returned the favour, finding a cutting Myers who finished emphatically over "Fine" Herb Williams.

Pete Myers dunks on Herb Williams
(May 22, 1994)

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